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From here to the World

“We produce international professionals equipped with expertise in foreign languages and cultures”.

Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS) is a university specializing in producing global manpower who are armed with multidisciplinary and multicultural knowledge, create business opportunities, and lead the 21th century on the globe.

BUFS’ core educational mission is to ‘cultivate manpower with a thorough knowledge of foreign languages and cultures.’ The university gives students an opportunity to systematically acquire the openness and knowledge of diverse and different cultures. At the same time, it focuses on the field education to cultivate global citizens equipped with expertise in the international community and localized thinking ability.

In 1997, BUFS has been selected as a state sponsored university designed to educate globalized & localized experts by the Ministry of Education. We are proud of being the best foreign language educator and research institutions in local area through providing state of the art facilities and the exceptional faculty.

Based on the soul of Christianity, BUFS has a passionate concern for the under-privileged with placing a high value on the sense of community. Its faculty, staff and students respect the characters and personality of individuals while at the same time, work hard for Christian love and education.

We will not spare any effort to contribute to the advancement of our nation and mankind by cultivating global leaders who can lead the 21st century, and grow as a leading university in globalization.