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부산외국어대학교CAMPUS MAP

AGlobal Center

1F: Shop / R.O.T.C.

2F: Global Lounge / Office of International Affairs

3F: Lifelong Education Center / Education and Training Institute

4F: Center for Korean Language and Culture Education / Institute of Humanities Korea

5F: Institute of Humanities Korea (Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Institute of Iberoamerican Studies, Institute for Southeast Asian Studies)


1F: Students’ Club / General Student Association / College Students’ Council

2F: Broadcasting Station / Fitness Center / Office for Professors’ Research / Department Office

3F: Gymnasium / Clubroom

4F: Gymnasium Stand


B1F: Dormitory Canteen / Fitness Center / Laundry Room / Convenience Store / Cafeteria

1F: Office of Administration / Room / Room for Students with Disabilities

2F-9F: Dormitory Room

10F: Dormitory Room / Guest Room (Maximum occupancy of 1,336 people) 

DTrinity Hall

1F-3F: Lecture Room / PC Lab / PC Room / Reading Room / Office of Multimedia Lecture Support

4F: Lecture Room / PC Lab / Institute for Specialized Project (GLE - ILE)

5F: Department Office / Office for Professors’ Research / Lecturers’ Room

6F: Office for Professors’ Research

EMemorial Square

Memorial Dining Hall

FAdministration Center

GMano Memorial Hall

B1F: Mano Memorial Hall

1F: Lobby

2F: Mano Auditorium


1F: Library Cafe / Reading Room / Media Data Center

2F: Digital Zone

3F: Carrel Zone

4F: Academic Information Team / Data Zone 2

5F: Foundation for Industry-Academy Cooperation / Office of Campus Newspaper & English Newspaper / Reading Room

IBusiness Tech Center

1F: Specialized Project Management Team (Southeast Asia Project Group - J-BIT Project Group - Paideia Project Group)

2F: Specialized Project Management Team (Multicultural Society Project Group - e-BRIdge Project Group) / Lecture Room

3F: Lecture Room / IT Laboratory

4F: Affiliate Office (IT - Economy & Finance, Lecturers’ Room) / Lecture Room / IT Laboratory

5F: Office for Professors’ Research

JGrace Chapel

  • Campus Church