Educational Features

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Busan University of
Foreign Studies

is committed to producing

1. talented people who are open-minded
toward the world and act as locals do,

2. global manpower who are armed with multidisciplinary
and multicultural knowledge, create business
opportunities, and lead the 21th century on the globe.

The features of BUFS education are


  • to provides state of the art facilities in foreign language education,
  • to offer the exceptional faculty to give students an opportunity to systematically acquire the openness and knowledge of diverse and different cultures,
  • to focus on the field education to cultivate global citizens equipped with expertise in the international community and localized thinking ability.

As a result of our efforts, BUFS has been acknowledged as a leading international university and regional excellent education-oriented university.

It acquired the Certificate of Accreditation from the Ministry of Education in 2013 and was certified as an International Education Quality Assurance System (IEQAS) University.

In particular, BUFS’ five specialized projects were selected in the University for Creative Korea (CK-I) Project in 2014, and accordingly government grants amounting to over 4 billion KRW are now given on a yearly basis.